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Wooden acoustic screens

Bramster > Wooden acoustic screens

    The structure of the offered sound-absorbing panels consists of two wooden frames filled with wooden elements. 100mm thick rock wool is the core. In addition, black polyethylene mesh is mounted on both sides of the wool. The frames are connected with stainless steel screws.

    Our wood suppliers guarantee the highest quality product for the production of Wooden Screens. The wood comes from the top shelf, it is pressure impregnated, which causes a long-lasting color effect and product life.

    Our system is a comprehensive solution that allows you to easily build interesting fences, walls or guards.

    We offer a complete system for self-assembly and as the only one on the market, it contains all mounting elements (clamps, spacers, posts) and assembly instructions for all systems we have. We manufacture and distribute noise barriers throughout Europe.

    Basic physical parameters that determine the efficiency of our sound absorbing panels:

    – sound insulation – 22 dB

    – sound absorption coefficient – 8 dB

    Standard dimensions:

    – 2000 x 900 mm

    – 2000 x 450 mm

    – 1000 x 900 mm

    – 1000 x 450 mm

    Product designs available:

    – Ibiza

    – Madeira

    – Elba