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Other (palisade, ornamental)

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    Other (palisade, ornamental)

    Steel palisade fence with a high degree of inaccessibility, heavily galvanized or galvanized and polyester coated wrapper. The spans are electrically welded palisade in each section of the profiles of square, open square and round, and are fitted with specially designed mounting system that prevents removal of the fence. Welded rectangular columns are equipped with aluminum caps and, depending on their use may be extended for seating in the foundation or terminated for attaching a foot to the pedestal.

    In addition to the fences higher than 1800 mm. levels are offered cut diagonally, making it difficult to go through the fence. (Fence can be mounted in a variable slope to 45 º).


    Industrial plants, port areas, office and administrative centers, storage facilities and school grounds, parks and landscaped gardens, the airport, the base transport and handling facilities, high-risk.

    Specifications embodiment:

    • Horizontal elements:
      • channel section of the / g 40x20x2
    • Vertical elements (levels):
      • tube with a diameter of 20.0 mm
    • Standard spacing levels at 140 mm
    • System-pillars made of profiles closed dimensions: 60×60 mm
    • corrosion protection by hot dip galvanizing process, as well as additional powder coating according to RAL color palette ensure high corrosion resistance .