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Dekor Panels

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    Designs are protected (industrial design).
    Decorative elements have been claimed
    protective for utility model.

    panel width: 2500 [mm],
    mesh size: 200 x 50 [mm],
    wire diameter: 6 [mm],
    panel height: 600 [mm], 800 [mm], 1000 [mm], 1200 [mm], 1400 [mm], 1600 [mm], 1800 [mm], 2000 [mm], 2200 [mm], 2400 [ mm]
    Complete assembly included
    Panel fences for the solution system, consisting of panels, posts and wickets, Residential or industrial gates, filled with panels. The modular construction of the panels gives the opportunity to match the fence line to different terrain.

    Double surface protection (DUPLEX system) gives a high level of protection and guarantees long-term use of the product. Lattice fences can also be made in only galvanized version, i.e. without a polyester coating.

    Hot dip galvanizing according norm : PN EN ISO 1461: 2011
    Powder coating according norm : PN EN ISO 13438

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