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Firing LASER FIBER sheets and profiles

Bramster > Firing LASER FIBER sheets and profiles

    We offer laser cutting services for the needs of companies from many different industries from Poland and all over Europe. We provide services to small, medium and large. We focus on modern technology and ecology of the environment thanks to high-performance fiber lasers.

    Our specialists perform cutting of metal sheets with a laser in the modern Fiber technology. The advantage of our solutions is also a narrow cutting gap, limiting the amount of waste to a minimum by using intelligent software. The fiber laser allows for significant acceleration of work, great precision, high repeatability of details, as well as processing of foil materials.

    • Structural steel  – 15mm
    • Stainless steel  – 5mm
    • Aluminum  – 2mm


    Cutting range:

    • Sheet size: 1500mm x 3000mm
    • Sheet thickness: 0.01mm up to 15mm
    • the possibility of cutting closed profiles:
      – round with a diameter of 10-220mm
      – square with dimensions of 10-220mm
    • max length of the element 6100mm


    Our Advantages:

    • High processing precision – up to 0.08 mm
    • Full repeatability of even complex details
    • Even very small elements can be cut
    • Economics – material losses are kept to a minimum
    • Fast turnaround time
    • Laser cutting does not damage the workpiece

    ﹘ surface laser cutting of metals, as opposed to machining

    • machining is carried out by the method non-contact – so it does not
    • affect the surface of the processed material possibility of cutting special
    • profiles profile wall thickness 1-10mm, while maintaining weight max 30 kg / m
    • Very high edge quality
    • The laser only affects the surface it is on the beam is directed


    Damian Nowak – Product Engineer
    mobile: 502 486 553
    e-mail: damian.nowak@bramster.pl