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Trellis panel type V

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    Trellis panel type V

    Technical information:

    trellis panel type V – a system of mesh panels made up of panels with type V and columns. Fences of this type are widely used as a cover parks, public buildings, supermarkets, factories and sports facilities.

    system of mesh panels mounted on 60x40x2mm

    Panel dimensions:

    • Large meshes 50 x 200 [mm]
    • Small meshes 50 x 50 [mm]
    • Wire diameter 5 [mm]

    Panel sealed with single steel rods (horizontal and vertical). Thanks to bending remains rigid and requires no additional frame.

    • panel width: 2500 [mm]
    • panel, both sides ended with vertical wires: 30 [mm]
    • large mesh size: 50 x 200 [mm]
    • small mesh size: 50 x 50 [mm]
    • wire diameter: 5 [mm]
    • Panel Height: 1100[mm], 1300 [mm], 1500[mm], 1700[mm], 1900[mm]


    Complete system easy to install
    Fences with mesh grid is a systemic solution, which includes panels V, columns and wickets, residential or industrial, V. completed mesh panes with modular structure makes it possible to match the fence line to a different terrain.

    Long Lasting
    Double surface protection (DUPLEX system) gives a high degree of protection and guarantees a long-term use. Lattice fences can be made also in the zinc-only version meaning without polyester coating.

    A wide range of colors allows you to fit the color of the fence to wood joinery or finishing elements of the object.